Recent Before & After Photos

Flood Destroys Basement Ceiling

This Macomb Township home had a water loss caused by a ruptured toilet supply line in a main floor bathroom. The homeowners called on our SERVPRO location for h... READ MORE

Storms Can Do Serious Damage

In a Short Amount of Time The homeowners of this Fraser home checked their basement immediately after a heavy rainstorm last summer, and were dismayed to see a ... READ MORE

Mold Can Hide...

Behind Walls We were called out to this Sterling Heights home because the homeowners had moved a piece of furniture away from the wall in their finished basemen... READ MORE

Sometimes a House Fire

Can Pretty Much Destroy Everything Some house fires are very destructive and can disrupt the lives of the occupants for months while cleanup and restoration are... READ MORE

Even a Small Fire

Can Do a Lot of Damage This Ann Arbor dormitory house had a really small fire a while back. The occupants were able to put out the fire quickly and it didn't do... READ MORE

Mold Destroyed This Wall

We Had To Replace It The “Before” photo shows what the basement wall in this home in Warren, Michigan, looked like after we had peeled away the dryw... READ MORE

Multiple Floors of Senior Center

Damaged by Water The checkvalve on a washing machine in this Detroit senior center malfunctioned causing the machine to run continuously, flooding the room hous... READ MORE

Commercial Laundry

Shut Down by Frozen Pipe This commercial laundry facility in the city of Detroit was shut down by a water supply line that froze and burst during extreme winter... READ MORE

Water Supply Line Failed

And Flooded this Sterling Heights Home The homeowner at first did not know what had gone wrong, but the whole house was full of humidity and the bathroom and be... READ MORE

Water Damage

Can be Hidden in Walls and Floors A Clinton Township homeowner called us when he had a water loss, but the real damage was not immediately obvious. The water le... READ MORE