Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Flood Destroys Basement Ceiling

This Macomb Township home had a water loss caused by a ruptured toilet supply line in a main floor bathroom. The homeowners called on our SERVPRO location for h... READ MORE

Water Supply Line Failed

And Flooded this Sterling Heights Home The homeowner at first did not know what had gone wrong, but the whole house was full of humidity and the bathroom and be... READ MORE

Water Damage

Can be Hidden in Walls and Floors A Clinton Township homeowner called us when he had a water loss, but the real damage was not immediately obvious. The water le... READ MORE

Water loss in Sterling Heights home from water heater

The water heater failed in the basement of this Sterling Heights home, sending water across all the flooring on that level. We had to extract water from all the... READ MORE

Defective valve in sprinkling system in Shelby Twp home

A valve in the sprinkler system of this Shelby Twp home failed and put more than a foot of water in the entire basement. We had to extract the water, remove muc... READ MORE

Sump pump failure in Rochester Hills home

The sump pump in the basement failed in this Rochester Hills home and the resulting flooding from the overflowing sump well soaked the flooring throughout the b... READ MORE

Broken toilet supply line in Lake Orion home

The toilet supply line broke in this Lake Orion residence and did a lot of damage in multiple rooms before the homeowners returned home and discovered the probl... READ MORE

Broken pipe in kitchen of Clinton Twp home.

This was a water loss in a Clinton Twp home from a broken pipe in the wall cavity behind the kitchen sink. It was necessary for us to demolish parts of the kitc... READ MORE